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HSLDA Threat in Wisconsin

Map of Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Parents Association has issued a response to HSLDA’s meddling in the new mandatory online filing form  required of Wisconsin homeschoolers.

WPA Members and Other Homeschoolers,

Please share this information with others. People need to know that following the Home School Legal Defense Association’s (HSLDA’s) counsel is dangerous to individuals and to all homeschoolers. You may understand the importance of filing the form correctly and maintaining our good homeschooling law, but not all homeschoolers do. Tell them and support WPA.

Despite the fact that the homeschooling form PI-1206 has worked well for 27 years, HSLDA  is counseling Wisconsin homeschoolers to change their filing in ways that would undoubtedly result in individual families being charged with truancy and in court cases and/or legislation that could lead to greater regulation of homeschooling in Wisconsin. [Read more…]

The bottom line is: WPA wants you to know, “It is very important not to follow HSLDA’s counsel.”  Please be sure  to share this information with other homeschoolers, and please  support WPA.

HSLDA  has some top-notch  attorney’s at their disposal and it’s wonderful that they analyse  proposed legislation and give their opinion, though it would be more appreciated  if their opinions are shared privately with state groups and homeschooling leaders first. Most statewide homeschooling groups have excellent attorney’s at their disposal (it’s amazing how many attorneys homeschool their own children), and are far more familiar with the state homeschooling climate.

In 2008, leaders from every statewide group held conferences with HSLDA attorneys to work out details on how to best handle a legal matter that had arisen with In Re Rachel L.  in California. They came together, voiced their opinions, and worked out the details in a cooperative manner. HSLDA did not come to California and press their agenda — which is, of course, to keep the doors open. We don’t fault them for trying to stay in business, but let’s at least be honest about it.

HSLDA  should have brought this to the attention of the statewide leaders in Wisconsin. They should have discussed the issue and made a cooperative decision on how to proceed. I’m waiting to hear if HSDLA  even bothered to make any contact with state leaders before charging ahead. The parents in the state of Wisconsin should be the ones to dictate how to proceed; after-all, these parents will be forced to live under these laws.

Be sure to read the rest of the message  and make an informed decision. Do not follow HSLDA blindly down the wrong path.


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