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Grassroots Letter Writing Campaign

Here is an excellent project that was recently suggested by a New Jersey home educator:

Now that the elections are over…Many of us wish to reinforce (or introduce) the fact that the population of home educating families in the US is a diverse and varied group. Would you please consider sending a message to your state and federal representatives stating as much? You could send email, or a fax. A small package of cookies or some other token would be nice, accompanied by a short letter.

Maybe something along these lines (in your own words.):

Dear Ms Politician,

Congratulations to your [re]election to the Senate [or whatever]!

As a homeschooling family, we’d like to welcome you [back].

Sometime in the course of your career in the Senate [or whatever], you will no doubt hear legislation presented on behalf of “American homeschoolers.” We’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are a diverse group, representing all religious beliefs, races and ethnic groups, and economic levels. We range across the political spectrum.

When you hear someone claiming to speak for all homeschoolers, please keep in mind that they may not have asked me what I think, and that I have not asked them to speak for me.

Thanks for listening.

[Your Name]
[Kids should sign their own names – it’s endearing from the little ones, and empowering for older kids.]

Thanks for listening.

Nancy McVicker
New Jersey Homeschool Association

Locate Your Legislators:

In case you don’t know who your legislators are, here are a few resources for finding them:

  • allows you to look up your congressman by zipcode.
  • helps you to locate your federal, state and local officials.

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