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The Time is Right

After receiving several inquiries this week about the HSIL site, I decided that the time is right to add a blog to Homeschooling Is Legal. I’ve noticed that people tend to have very strong feelings regarding HSLDA, either being fervent supporters or vehemently opposed to the organization as a whole.

Many have categorized the Homeschooling Is Legal website as being anti-HSLDA, but the founder of this website intended it to provide full information about the organization, so that people can make a fully-informed decision about the worthiness of membership.

If you join HSLDA because you believe in their cause and you want to support the organization as a whole, then go for it. What many contributors to HSIL object to is the fear-mongering and arm-twisting tactics that HSLDA employs. I personally object to being strong-armed into joining any organization, in order to belong to another.

Many homeschooling groups still require membership in HSLDA in order to join their group. There is no justification to join HSLDA, simply for protection purposes. Most homeschoolers will never experience a legal problem during their entire homeschooling years. Yet, HSLDA continues to beat their drums, spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

HSLDA often runs roughshod over statewide and local homeschooling groups in order to manage or effect proposed legislation, without ever consulting those who would be forced to live under these new regulations.

In short HSLDA doesn’t always play nice with others and this practice must stop. Many years ago HSLDA was the hero to many new homeschoolers, but as the legal climate has changed, HSLDA, unfortunately, has not.

If after reading this site and the articles we link to here, you are still interested in joining HSLDA, do so. Our intention is not to prevent anyone from joining their ranks.

This blog and the HSIL website are dedicated to the memory of Dan Flynn, who first hosted this domain. Danny was homeschool dad to two young boys, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in late 2004. He wanted to ensure prospective HSLDA members joined with their eyes opened and were fully aware of what they were supporting with their membership dues.


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