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Another Give Us This Day Scandal

My child was receiving home-based instruction in 2013-2014. I had been in contact with TJ Schmidt. I was a HSLDA member.

While vacationing in Oregon State, my 11 year old daughter had been taken to a local hospital. Upon her discharge, social workers performed a “psych eval” and diagnosed her with “NEGLECT”. Not enrolled in public school. She then was transported to GIVE US THIS DAY foster home.  Multnomah County DHS seized and confined her in that place.

HSLDA told me i must move from Washington to Oregon to rescue my child, (That was stated by Mr. Schmidt!)  After 99 days the DA/DHS decided on four conditions of her release.

  1. Put her into public school and
  2. Get therapy for sexualized behaviors were two.

I did not get my same daughter back.  Oregon DHS and Give Us This Day currently face multimillion dollar lawsuits and
countless charges for unspeakable acts.

Gov. Brown relieves DHS top administrator, orders independent review on foster care program

Additional Information:

Foster care scandal: Oregon releases years of shocking abuse complaints  —  Senior officials at the Department of Human Services compiled a 40-plus page “chronology” of reports after learning Give Us This Day was enduring serious tax and cash flow problems  in 2014. Fifty of those complaints, officials note, landed between 2012 and 2014.


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