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Parental Rights?

“Through activist courts and the threat of ratifying the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), big government intrudes on families more and more. Already, the liberty of parents to direct the upbringing of their children has greatly eroded in federal courts and in such settings as public schools, local libraries, and your doctor’s office.”

— Michael Farris, president,

I have been reading more about a proposed Parental Rights Amendment to the Consititution and while the idea struck a cord — I mean who wouldn’t support a goal as lofty as Parental Rights in light of all we know is happening to the family unit, under current federal laws.

I am simply not convinced that this is the proper way of going about securing those rights. Something just didn’t sit right with me and I couldn’t put my finger on it, until I noticed the address — Purcellville, VA. When I saw that, I knew this had to be another long reaching arm of HSLDA and sadly, I was correct.

HSLDA doesn’t understand parental rights themselves, or they would not have settled for some of the worst homeschooling laws on the books in many states, and in their own backyard.

When homeschool legislation was being drafted in states like Virginia, New York, and Ohio, just to name a few, HSLDA was in the thick of it, “protecting our ‘parental rights.'” I am not alone, when I say that they sold homeschoolers out, while at the same time, ensuring plenty of legal work for their own future.

Please check out a draft copy of the proposed legislation and share your comments. I know that something needs to be done to address this issue but amending our constitution is a drastic measure that must be carefully considered, along with the impact of such an amendment on the family unit. (Note: You can read the Annotated Version here.)

What do you see as being positive about the proposed amendment? Drawbacks? Consequences? This is something that will affect every family in the country. Would you support or oppose an amendment to our Constitution?




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