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I am an American whose grandfather immigrated to America in the 1800’s. My wife, Zelda is a native German who was born and raised in Germany before coming to America and marrying me. Together with my wife and 5 children, we relocated from America to Germany in 1995, where we established a successful marketing business.

Having lived among Zelda’s family and getting to know the German people on a more personal and intimate basis, I came to more fully understand the philosophy behind the German thinking and the reasons they did things the way they did.

This knowledge enabled Zelda and I to be effective to assist German homeschool families who needed help when they were approached by government authorities. Knowing the German mindset allowed us to be able to communicate with these officials without being offensive and oftentimes turning them around to our way of thinking.

Let me begin by saying that the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) harmed me and my family and the homeschool movement in Germany through unlawful slanderous remarks. Eventually, these remarks destroyed my livelihood and the German homeschool movement in Germany.

I do not know the reason why HSLDA acted so treacherously toward my family and I. For whatever reason, they tried to cover something up through the calculated and treacherous actions that they took against my family; cowardly, they have acted behind our back.

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