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Did anyone happen to catch the Christian News Wire press release on March 26, 2013?

U.S. Government: Homeschooling Unworthy of Protection

Tens of thousands ‘rally’ demanding action from Obama through official White House petition

PURCELLVILLE, Va., March 26, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — With only weeks before oral arguments in a potentially precedent-setting human rights case, Home School Legal Defense Association, the world’s largest homeschool association, has launched a petition on the White House website insisting that the Obama Administration grant permanent legal status to the Romeikes, a family persecuted for homeschooling in Germany.

Instead of coming right out and saying the point of their message, they start out with, “Home School Legal Defense Association, the world’s largest homeschool association…” come on. It doesn’t say the best, or most  efficient  it says “largest”.

Fact, most people homeschool and never join any group other than their local one.  Fact, it is legal in the United States to homeschool.  When homeschoolers do have a problem with the law, it almost always  involves  other issues, as well as homeschooling.

I wish HSLDA would concentrate on homeschooling freedom and stop tooting their own horn.

Another issue that I’m concerned about…

Homeschoolers and Data Tracking

Will Estrada, Director of Federal Relations at HSLDA has an article discussing the data tracking aspect of Common Core.  National Databases:  Collecting Student-Specific Data is unnecessary and Orwellian.
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