The NEA Boogyman

In a recent conversation I had with another home-schooing parent, the NEA (National Education Association) was trotted out as a reason to “vote Republican.” Given the fact that “The NEA Boogyman” is used quite often to scare Homeschoolers into voting in a certain manner, I decided to to a bit of digging. What I have learned may be of interest to others.

The NEA and various educational unions have endorsed Republicans for office as well as Democrats. For example: Read From Capitol To Campus

In fact the NEA boasted ~ “In a number of states, – NEA members made critical differences. NEA-endorsed Republican candidates Olympia Snowe in Maine and James Jeffords in Vermont won by wide margins.”

Also interesting to note that approximately one third of NEA members are Republican. [Read Post-Election]

I must say, I have a bit of discomfort “defending” the NEA as I think they talk out of both sides of their proverbial mouths when it comes to homeschooling. On the one hand they claim that homeschooling instruction should only be done by a “certified teacher.” On the other hand they claim that the school atmosphere is essential to prepare children for life.

However, it’s not surprising that an association promoting “Great Public Schools For Every Child” would be supportive of Public Education.



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